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As we are all individual, it is important to acknowledge that we may all require different treatment plans. A thorough initial consultation and a full background history and setting, this will enable me to set out a treatment plan for future sessions. As soon as we have achieved your stated goals we will draw the therapy to a close.

Following the code of ethics that I strictly adhere to, I will not recommend or carry out more sessions than you need. In the same instance I reserve the right to turn away clients if the required rapport cannot be established, or if I find that a client may not be able to commit to a plan of therapy that is recommended.

Initial consultation:

My therapy / hypnosis treatment plans starts with an initial consultation conducted so the first session will last between 50 and 80 minutes.


Single Sessions(after initial consultation):

Each 50 minute session


I will be able to give you an indication of how long the treatment will last at the initial consultation, but you can expect to be in treatment for between 2- 6 weeks, with the exception of the STOP SMOKING session.

Double Session - Hypnotherapy:

STOP SMOKING ~ This is a ONE OFF double session which will last 2 hours. (Inc. the initial consultation)